Apt Careers a Kathy Kolbe Product

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Conative Capabilities

Kolbe Corp has partnered with Apt CareersSM to provide a career guidance system that incorporates both conation and interest.  Kathy Kolbe developed this program, which has a new algorithm and is sold separately from the Kolbe A Index.

Take advantage of these exclusive discounts:

Kolbe.com users get Apt Careers for $79      
($125 retail)     

Kolbe A™ Index holders get Apt Careers for $49
($125 retail)


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Discover Where You’re Apt to Succeed

Finally, a careers program that tells you what you’re well suited to do - and would also enjoy doing. It warns you away from the jobs people might tell you to go for that could cause you to hate Monday mornings.

  • Discover roles that suit you within your Interest Areas.
  • Complete a job-related survey that assesses your conative capabilities.
  • See job openings for your Best Bet careers near you and around the U.S.