2017 - 2018 Re-Certification Pricing Change FAQ

Have you heard the news?  Kolbe Corp is restructuring the pricing of annual re-certification



Q. What’s included in the $795?
A: It includes everything you need to continue your Kolbe CertificationTM 

  • The $795 replaces the previous pay-as-you-go model for the necessary credits per training period (i.e., 7 credits for 2016) and the annual consultant licensing fee.
  • Unlimited access to continuing education webinars, both those in our catalog and new "live" webinars
  • Access to the Certified Consultant Center, where you will find resources for continuing education, client engagements, marketing and sales.
  • Kolbe Corp will be updating the CCC in 2017 to include additional resources and a full online continuing education calendar. 
Q. Do I still have to pay the $300 consultant relicensing fee?
A. No, that is included in the $795.
Q. Is the Annual Re-Certification fee the same as my software licensing fee?
A: No.  those are two separate fees.  The Annual Re-Certification fee includes the consultant re-licensing fee and the fees for continuing education credits.  The software licensing fee is for database access when you license our software modules and is not a requirement for maintaining Kolbe Certified Consultant status.
Q. What timeframe does the $795 cover?
A: It covers the next training period, which starts on May 1, 2017, and lasts until April 30, 2018. 
Q. What if I want to come to Conation Nation Symposium in 2017?
A: Kolbe Certified Consultants can pay $355 in addition to the $795 ($1,150 total ) to attend Conation Nation Symposium in 2017. 
  • With this payment you will receive all of the benefits of the Annual Certification fee as stated above, with the added benefit of attending Conation Nation Symposium.
  • You will have access to unlimited continuing education credits online.
Q. What if my company has multiple people certified?
A. We have multiple person certification discounts available.  Call your account manager for details.
Q. What if I pay for Conation Nation Symposium and cannot attend?
A. We will apply your Conation Nation Symposium funds toward your next product or service purchase.
Q. Why are you making this change?
A. These changes are based on your feedback and our desire to continuously improve on the service we provide our Kolbe Certified Consultants by:
  • Enabling you to obtain your continuing education through live interaction with Kolbe staff and your peers at Conation Nation Symposium.
  • Providing opportunites for you to continue learning beyond the minimum requirement, with unlimited continuing education webinars.
  • Promoting continuous learning about Kolbe TheoryTM and practice.