2013 Conative Excellence Award Finalists

Kolbe Corp believes in recognizing and celebrating thoughtful users of Kolbe Wisdom™
To do this, we honored winners of four awards for conative excellence. View winners here...
Winners were announced at the Conation Nation Symposium 
Awards Luncheon on Friday, October 11th, 2013


Dynamynd® Award: 

for Compassion, Mission and Vision in Leading Others Toward Achieving Goals

Voting will be open to the public from September 18th until midnight on October 10th.
Daryl Braham
CEO, iON Leadership
Heritage Homes
Pam Morris & Sherry Watts
Instinct Matters
Pete Palmer
Director, EDGE® Innovation
Brigadier General USA (Ret)

Kolbe Professional Award:

for Individual Leadership in Building Conative Excellence

This award honors a person who has used their Kolbe expertise to make a significant and sustained difference for an organization or individuals.

Mark Hamilton


Applied Wisdom, LLC
Ted LeClair
Senior Vice President, Client Solutions Group
Director, Natixis Advisor Academy
Natixis Global Asset Management – U.S. Distribution
Mari Martin
Performance Strategies Group
Shannon Waller
Director and Teamwork Specialist
The Strategic Coach


Kolbe Enterprise Award:

for Organizational Leadership in Building Conative Excellence

This award honors an enterprise for using the Kolbe System™ to achieve success in major projects that can be demonstrated with objective results (such as increased profitability, employee and customer satisfaction or decreased costs).


Kolbe Founder's Award:

for Furthering Research and Awareness of the Kolbe Wisdom™

Kathy Kolbe will award an individual who has demonstrated long-term contributions that further research in and broaden the awareness of the Kolbe Wisdom.