Kolbe Founder's Award Recipient - Bret Loucks

Kathy Kolbe was pleased to present Bret Loucks with the first Kolbe Founder’s Award. Bret has been an innovator in elementary, middle, and high school education for nearly 30 years. He has won awards for exemplary teaching and has worked as an advocate for student empowerment and efficacy. A student once said of him, “Mr. Loucks is the second best teacher I have ever had. By showing me that I have it within me to learn anything I want and encouraging me to take charge of my own education, I have become my own best teacher.”

Currently Bret is an instructor at the Herberger Young Scholars Academy in Glendale, AZ and frequently helps Kathy in product development, research, and testing as well as offering encouragement and support whenever she needs it. “As a leader in education, Bret has worked with Kolbe Corp for decades to help students discover their natural, conative abilities and thereby improve overall academic performance while reducing student stress,” said David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp.