Kolbe Enterprise Award Winner - Strategic Coach

The Strategic Coach program is dedicated to helping successful entrepreneurs ramp up their business to 10X growth.  It is an ambitious goal that they have successfully delivered for over 20 years. Using a coaching staff made up of highly successful entrepreneurs who are themselves Strategic Coach members, participants gather once a quarter to share successes and look for ideas from a peer group.

Early in their development they saw a natural affinity with Kolbe Corp’s offerings and began to incorporate Kolbe’s products and technologies into their own programs.  They did it the right way by sending key people to become trained and certified in the Kolbe methodology.  They then presented every participant with their individual Kolbe A™ Index result very early in the training process. Many of Kolbe Corp’s clients have followed this well-worn path. 

Using a wide assortment of Kolbe products, Strategic Coach helped entrepreneurs transform their businesses and soon extended Kolbe Wisdom™ to their couples’ conferences and youth programs. Kolbe Wisdom was so deeply embedded into their programs that they made a strategic decision to have every employee attend certification classes, enabling them to be an instant resource to all of their clients. Kolbe Corp is glad to present this award to Strategic Coach for their global use of Kolbe at the enterprise level.