2015 Conative Excellence Award Finalists

Kolbe Corp believes in recognizing and celebrating thoughtful users of Kolbe Wisdom™
To do this, we honored winners of four awards for conative excellence. 
Winners were announced at the Conation Nation Symposium 
Awards Luncheon on Thursday May 7th, 2015


Kolbe Professional Award:

for Individual Leadership in Building Conative Excellence

This award honors a person who has used their Kolbe expertise to make a significant and sustained difference for an organization or individuals.

Warren Barry
Instinctive Solutions, Inc.
Phil Dyer
Executive Vice President, 
Strategic Planning & Coaching
The Corporate Agent
Susan Spritz Myers
Executive Coach
Susan Spritz Myers, LLC
Shannon Waller
Director and Teamwork Coach
The Strategic Coach
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Kolbe Enterprise Award:

for Organizational Leadership in Building Conative Excellence

This award honors an enterprise for using the Kolbe System™ to achieve success in major projects that can be demonstrated with objective results (such as increased profitability, employee and customer satisfaction or decreased costs).









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Kolbe Founder's Award:

for Furthering Research and Awareness of the Kolbe Wisdom™

Kathy Kolbe will award an individual who has demonstrated long-term contributions that further research in and broaden the awareness of the Kolbe Wisdom.

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