Celeste Ross & Chandon Thorell


Celeste J. Ross   3 5 7 5

Founder/Lead Consultant

Inside Out Ventures, LLC.

Celeste is the founder and owner of Inside Out Ventures, LLC. For over 25 years Celeste has been combining her skills and weaving her talents as an educator, certified healthcare practitioner, nutritional counselor, Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and  Feldenkrais® Learning Method teacher.   In addition to her degrees in Education (BS) and Health Arts and Sciences (MA), Celeste holds certifications in Elementary Education, Montessori Secondary I Education, Brain Gym™ Facilitation, Virtues Project™ Facilitation, CranioSacral Therapy, and Integrative Nutrition. 

Over the years, Celeste has worked with a variety of learning populations, from infants to elders within several different countries.  She enjoys her private practice in health and wellness education as much as working with teams of administrators, educators and students using the Kolbe Concept™ and Leadership Coaching. 

Chandon Thorell   4 5 4 7

Senior Consultant

Inside Out Ventures, LLC.

After graduating from Notre Dame and spending several years working as an architect, Chandon spent ten years teaching, consulting and directing Villa Montessori Middle School, in Phoenix, Arizona.  His presentation, organization and system building skills, are presently sought after by several Middle School administrative teams and programs in the Phoenix area and as the Director of Outdoor Education in alliance with Camp Pinerock in Prescott, AZ.   

A lover of the outdoors, Chandon heads his outdoor education company, After Cool Outdoors, leading students in outdoor education programs and adventure trips.  Leadership, humor, patience and belief in each person’s ability to achieve are Chandon’s signature characteristics and are easily visible when consulting with Inside Out Ventures and training organizational leaders in the Kolbe Concept™ or when facilitating students and staff as the leader of After Cool Outdoors ...and as always with Chandon, fun is the order of the day.

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