Sandra Wiley & Jon Hubbard

Sandra Wiley   3 4 9 3


Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Sandra Wiley, President of Boomer Consulting, Inc., is ranked by Accounting Today as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Accounting as a result of her prominent role as an industry expert on HR and training as well as her influence as a management and strategic planning consultant. Sandra is a founding member of The CPA Consultant's Alliance. As well as a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant who advises firms on building balanced teams, managing employee conflict and hiring staff.

Sandra is regularly invited to speak at national conferences where she empowers audiences with new ideas and a sense of humor. She is a popular author who is frequently published by many trade journals including CPA Practice Management Report, Accounting Today, Accounting Web, The CPA Practice Management Forum, The CPA Report of South Carolina, Lagniappe of Louisiana and The Asset of Missouri Societies.


Sandra's Kolbe A™ Index result reveals her to be a visionary leader who is gifted with the ability to tackle emerging as well as future challenges. She works with a sense of adventure, preferring to focus upon the most essential facts in order to grasp a "big picture" view of any situation. Sandra relies upon her creativity and inspiration to cut through complexity and devise timely solutions while following her instincts to "keep the ship moving" at all times (and improvising with precision when necessary to make sure that happens).

Unique Abilities

Sandra is a naturally gifted public speaker who is noted for the energy and excitement she brings to an audience. At the same time, she adds a personal touch that leaves individuals in the crowd with a sense that she is your friend. This ability to build relationships and project warmth makes Sandra especially effective at building great teams. She is a team player in her own right, offering her multi-tasking skills and a realistic viewpoint that can keep an agenda on track and people focused on the tasks at hand.

Jon Hubbard   8 5 3 4

Director of Business Development/Consultant

Boomer Consulting, Inc.


As the Director of Business Development for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Jon provides leadership for the multiple facets of the firm’s overall sales and marketing strategy. Among his focuses are the website, social media, Boomer Bulletin, webinars and sales and marketing team management. Jon is also a Kolbe CertifiedTM consultant and Five Star Client Service consultant.



Jon thrives as a careful planner and strategic thinker. He is a talented researcher who is skillful in translating knowledge into strategy. Jon is deliberate in action while diplomatic in tone, seeking consensus whenever possible. With an eye for detail, Jon advances uniformity to standards while maintaining an openness to change for the best outcome in any initiative.


Unique Abilities

Jon is a careful analyzer and interpreter of complex systems and knowledge. He is attentive to potential unforeseen detours when planning and uses his skills as a process thinker to devise alternatives whenever possible. He is a natural organizer and tactician who offers a sense of order and subtle urgency to implementing firm objectives.

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