Kolbe WAREwithal Software

Kolbe WAREwithal® is the first and only software tool that will tell you the profitability of your current resources as well as the consequence of working with the status quo versus making changes.

WAREwithal predicts -- with 92% accuracy -- the value a team effort will add to your bottom line.

WAREwithal takes the bottom-line information and provides managers an accurate forecast of a work team's return on effort. WAREwithal will gauge the sustainable viability of the company by giving managers conclusive assessments of a team's profitability, goal attainment, efficiency, and congruency.

You may be unwittingly mismanaging resources. Although your employees may be perfectly suited for their jobs, your organization can still face challenges for the future growth if you have the right people in the right jobs, but in the wrong organizational combination. Errors in team building can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, profitability and resources.

With WAREwithal, managers will predict:

  • Team profitability
  • Team efficiency
  • Organizational viability
  • Return on Effort

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