Career MO+™

Looking for a better fit?

Don't get stuck in a job that doesn't let you use your instinctive talents. Get your Kolbe A Index result and Career MO+ report to find a career path that will give you the freedom to be yourself.

Follow your instincts to a better job

Your individualized Career MO+™ report uses your Kolbe A™ Index result to match you with careers that let you use the talents you've had since birth. You'll learn which jobs are best suited to your natural way of taking action - and which jobs go against your grain. You'll also get:

  • Suitability evaluations of more than 100 job titles
  • Analysis of your work-related strengths
  • Tips for stronger resumes and cover letters
  • Interview techniques that accentuate your positives

Whether you're looking for your first job, planning your next career move, or simply interested in how you can use your talents to improve your current situation, the Career MO+ can help. Put your Kolbe A Index result to work for you by ordering your Career MO+ report today.