Propelling Growth in a Stalled Economy

Kolbe team solutions drive profits and positive workplace for Utah Real Estate business.

Dave Robison’s real estate brokerage, Robison & Company, grew by 40% while the local market was slumping. “It’s amazing how the suite of Kolbe Indexes pinpoints peoples’ strengths and stresses,” said Robison, who has used it to restructure his organization, make wise hiring decisions and build more productive teams.

The most dramatic changes took place when Robison used the Kolbe B™ Index, Kolbe Corp’s job analysis tool. This revealed that the company had put a key salesperson in a role that wasn’t well suited for his talents. Kolbe’s tools outlined the way for them to redesign the job and hire a key support person for the firm. According to Robison, the  improvement in sales performance was through the roof.

Robison was convinced and converted his entire Utah enterprise to a Kolbe team-based model. All employees’ roles were adjusted to fit their strengths – and all of them ended up taking home bigger paychecks!

“By dividing work up according to Kolbe’s recommendations,” Robison says, “we have a stress-free, financially successful, happy office.”



Our comprehensive on-line diagnostics pinpoint potential problems. For each and every problem we uncover we also give you specific, doable solutions. 

Kolbe Right-Fit™ software is our Fair Selection Process that matches individuals’ quantifiable conative strengths with those needed in your jobs. It’s a totally objective, non-biased approach that removes the guesses about what people will and won’t do.

Kolbe Leadership Analytics™ gives you straightforward, concise, accurate assessments of what a group of people will and won’t do well. No more guessing whether a team will achieve its goals. We provide an actual % probability for success, that’s proven as accurate as train schedules. 

Kolbe Commitment Clarifier® helps you manage your time & conative energy so you have a logical reason for following Kolbe’s advice to “Do Nothing – When Nothing Works.”