Kathy Kolbe & Kolbe Wisdom

Kathy Kolbe discovered the power of conation. She recognized the clear differences between it and intelligence and emotions. She figured out that there were four striving instincts that drove all human behavior. She tied that to modus operandi – and painstakingly developed the method for assessing an individual’s MO.

Kathy’s comprehensive Theory of Conation is the foundation of the Kolbe Wisdom, the compilation of practical, highly accessible applications she has authored.  

She calls herself the Betty Crocker of conation because her books, assessments, guidelines, teachings for individuals, organizations and leaders have put her theory in usable packages. Just listing the entire body of her work takes over 50 pages, but there are simple recipes in each.

Kathy is the chief product developer at Kolbe Corp, which she founded over 35 years ago. After 30 years of being the CEO, she took her own advice and turned the role over to David Kolbe, who is far better suited conatively to be the current CEO. She remains the lead researcher -- and the pickiest editor, using her 2 in Fact Finder to bring clarity to the work of all who share her mission.

She also founded and continues to be a leader in the non-profit Center for Conative Abilities. Her joy is working directly with kids, educators, and health care workers testing and further developing her theories, and helping to make as big a difference in as many lives as possible.

Kathy’s personal approval is required for every individual who becomes Kolbe Certified in the use of her work. She team teaches the Certification programs and numerous other seminars, as well as consults with and mentors leaders around the globe.