The Dynamynd® Interview

The Dynamynd® Interview is a proven, effective process for determining an individual’s likely level of commitment in all three areas of the mind – cognitive, affective, and conative. It helps employers screen and interview candidates, enabling them to discern the levels of effort a particular candidate normally demonstrates. It provides a step-by-step process for discovering whether a candidate exhibits the level of effort an employer needs for a specific position. For example, a leadership position will require a higher level of effort than a receptionist trainee.  Using the Dynamynd Interview, hiring managers can identify candidates with the necessary level of commitment to meet specific job requirements.

The Dynamynd Interview walks you through a sequence of interviews, designed to predict the probability a candidate will work at the level you need them to. It provides interview questions, advice on how to interpret answers, and worksheets to keep track of interviewees’ responses.

“Many managers have had the experience of hiring people with the right personality, the right resume, and even the right instinctive talents, but for some reason they aren’t successful. The Dynamynd Interview can enable employers to prevent that situation,” said Kolbe Corp CEO David Kolbe. “By figuring out which candidates will operate at a high level of commitment in all three areas of the mind, the Dynamynd Interview helps companies hire people who aren’t just smart or affable, but who will actually apply their talents.” Contact your Kolbe account manager to order this exciting resource.