Solutions for Every Part of Your Life

Kolbe Corp provides materials, insights, and experts to help people of all ages identify their instinctive talents, develop their confidence, and use their innate abilities to succeed in a plethora of situations, from getting through school to running a business.

The Kolbe System™ is backed by more than three decades of scientific research and validation, and meets the standards of the American Psychological Association for validity and reliability as well as race, gender and age neutrality.                

For Business

The Kolbe System™ along with Kolbe's unique collection of employee assessments and WAREwithal® software are powerful diagnostic tools that help decision makers:

  • Hire and keep the right people
  • Maximize employee potential
  • Build successful project teams
  • Kolbe also offers specialized training on the Kolbe System

For Life

Change your life, not yourself.

With the freedom to be yourself, you can make great strides in your career, family life, and other personal relationships.

People who've taken the Kolbe Indexes have become more confident, more energetic, and more powerful - just from understanding their natural instincts and talents.

For Children

What's RIGHT about your child.

Kolbe sees every child as uniquely and perfectly capable of creative problem solving.

Learning how to nurture and tap into your child's unique method of operation can make you a more effective parent. It can also increase the likelihood of success in school and transform the way a family functions.