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“Cookie-cutter” advice doesn’t work for teams.

Kolbe’s consulting is tailored to best meet your leadership and team member’s needs. Kolbe’s expert consultants are able to distinguish problem-areas, determine your best course toward overcoming them, and setting you up to achieve your goals aided by a combination of assessments and proprietary analytic software.

We start by identifying the type of team you have. Knowing and understanding this is essential to  effective leadership. Get Kolbe’s FREE Team Collaboration Survey to quickly identify what type of team you have and how to best lead it.


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Kolbe TeamSuccess® Seminars

TeamSuccess is a program of full or half-day seminars and consulting sessions designed to help managers build on employee strengths and improve overall team performance. The program can be customized to address the specific issues of any organization. More details...

Kolbe Team Discovery® Seminar a half-day introduction to key Kolbe concepts including a complete inventory and analysis of a team’s unique set of instinctive strengths. Participants learn how to use their natural talents and collaborate with others to achieve performance goals.

Kolbe Team Synergy® Seminar an intensive, half-day seminar designed to diagnose and resolve group productivity problems. Prescriptive information from Kolbe Index analysis helps team members improve communication, barter talents and organize their efforts to achieve synergy.

Looking for a virtual option? Kolbe Teleconferences and Webinars are available.


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