Business Consulting

Comprehensive consulting and expertise is available to address high-level organization change and needs. 

Executive Development
  • Customized coaching and advice based on your Kolbe result (MO)
  • Application of Kolbe Theoryto your unique situation
  •  Increase personal productivity and efficiency
HR Consulting
  • Build an inclusive and communicative workplace
  • Drive and sustain desired company culture and brand
  • Assessments and analytical instruments to develop talent and leadership
Employee Engagement
  • Assess and confirm organizational culture and values
  • Determine the best tools and rewards to support desired outcomes
  • Develop right fits for organizational talent and leadership
Building or Changing Culture
  • Diagnose causes of organizational dysfunctionality and employee disengagement
  • Audit organization’s processes and systems—”How things are getting done”
  • Establish desired vision, values and people
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Determine the matches and gaps between the two company cultures
  • Define the challenges and opportunities between the two companies
  • Build and manage the new company structure and roles
  • Develop new teams and integration efforts
  • Manage employee integration and communication plans
Diversity & Inclusion
  • Assess and diagnose workplace and cultural diversity factors
  • Build collaborative environment encouraging inclusion and constructive differences
  • Develop practical strategies and plans to attract and retain talent

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