Employee Assessments

Kolbe Corp has a unique system of assessments, software and analytics designed to maximize employee potential by identifying natural talents, and matching them with job tasks and supervisor's expectations. For use in employee and human resource management and development, as well as performance reviews, the Kolbe System™ works for businesses and teams of any size. 


    The first step in the Kolbe System is to identify the instinctive traits of individuals within an organization with our foundational Kolbe A™ Index, The result is a person's M.O, or modus operandi, which indicates how people use their instincts to prevent problems, respond to opportunities and initiate solutions. 

    Next, employees answer questions in the Kolbe B™ Index, identifying their job-related self-expectations. Comparing Kolbe A and Kolbe B Results helps job holders to see where they may be working against their natural grain.  

    Then the Kolbe C™ Index is completed by supervisors. It identifies the conative demands of a specific job. Comparing Kolbe A to Kolbe C Results uncovers areas of job-related stress.


    Make a difference! Knowing how an employee's strengths match or conflict with the demands of their job makes it possible to address specific issues and apply effective solutions. Kolbe Corp provides many specific and detailed reports to meet your needs and improve company culture. The Kolbe System is a MUST for human resource management! Our enterprise-level software solutions provide HR professionals with a user friendly platform for managing their databases and running reports.

    • Insights into ways to leverage each person’s strengths
    • Self-administered questionnaire with instant results
    • Online access to assessment results as well as printable reports
    • User friendly software for ease in database management
    • Not just another personality test, Kolbe measures the part of the mind that drives actions
    • Backed by over 35 years of research and practical applications
    • Tailored solutions reduce workplace stress and tension
    • Improved communication
    • Specific strategies increase productivity and efficiency
    • Individualized Coaching  Reports available
    • Detailed Leadership Analytics Reports available
    • Customized seminars and consulting available to meet unique client needs

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    The best way to see how it works is to take the Kolbe A Index yourself. Try it now, it only takes 15 - 20 minutes.