HR Consulting Services

Kolbe will partner with you to drive HR transformation and improve employee engagement.

Whether your company is in the midst of an acquisition, challenged by employee engagement or looking to build teams, Kolbe’s HR Consultants know what it takes to achieve your goals.

With over 30 years of HR Consulting success, we deliver results!

Kolbe’s HR team leader has worked in executive level HR positions for some of the largest companies globally and knows how to get things done. We’ve built an HR consulting practice that partners with other leading HR experts to bolster HR support to your organization.


We specialize in:

HR Tranformations

Employee Engagement

Mergers and Acquisitions

Building and Managing Teams

Organizational Culture

Diversity and Inclusion


We back up our experience with proven assessments and analytics reports.

Kolbe assessments and reports analyze and diagnose team dynamics and synergy. The solution-oriented reports complement our expertise, enabling us to prescribe the right solution, customized for your organization. We implement them in practical and relevant ways to ensure organizational traction. We understand that no initiative can be fully implemented without a strong strategy and solid communication. We believe that this is a key to success, and will facilitate it every step of the way.

Get a complimentary HR Assessment today! If your organization has a need in any of these areas, please request a complimentary HR Assessment survey to determine your needs. Once completed, we will be happy to discuss the survey with you and outline the possible approaches and solutions that will best meet your needs.


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