Boost Your Career

Your Kolbe A™ Index Result identifies and quantifies your natural talents. Kolbe Career MO+™ shows you how to leverage those talents to find the perfect job or career.

You may have the needed skills for a particular job. You may also have the right personality. But do you have the right instincts? Career MO+ helps you answer this question by allowing you to see how well your instinctive strengths align with over 100 different job categories. It also shows you how to:



Write stronger resumes and cover letters

Accentuate your strengths in job interviews

Minimize the stress of working against your grain

Build on your natural talents to advance your career



The central premise of the Career MO+ is simple: to help you excel and enjoy the greatest fulfillment in a job that lets you tackle challenges in a way that works for you. Sadly, many people find themselves stuck in jobs or careers for which they may be well qualified, but which stifle their unique methods of creative problem solving.

Get your Career MO+ today to learn how you work best - and the best work for you!


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