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Understand your instinctive strengths and leverage them to improve your life. 

We show you how to take your MO and Kolbe Wisdom™ to the next level in our seminars and events. Whether you want to tackle challenges in your personal or professional life, Kolbe Wisdom focuses on what's RIGHT with you and tells you how to build on it.

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Activate Your Kolbe A

Congratulations! You got your Kolbe A™ Index result and are on the way to discovering what makes you - YOU.  Join us for a FREE Webinar all about applying your results to improve your life. Now that you know your MO, you may be curious how to apply that to your work life and your home life. We can help.

Conation Nation Symposium

Conation Nation Symposium is designed for all fans of conation ...whether you've never even taken your Kolbe A™ Index, you've used the Kolbe System™ at work or school, or you've been a Certified Consultant for years. This event is dedicated to cultivating conation, deepening knowledge and inspiring action while building a collaborative community.