Follow Thru

Follow Thru Action Mode measures the instinctive way we arrange and design.

Operating Zone Follow Thru Actions
Initiating Systems, procedures, design, order
Responding By adjusting to existing plans,maintaining classifications
 Preventing Getting boxed in, being overly structured


Some people naturally put things into a system. They have an urge to straighten the picture, to flow-chart the options, and to organize people and materials. The first thing they do when faced with a problem is to sort out the possibilities. They take inventory of all the information accumulated by initiating Fact Finders.  

Then there are those who will live within the system and follow the procedures. These accommodating Follow Thrus put things back where they belong. They may not need to have phone messages given to them in alphabetical order, but they will maintain such structures.

Those in the preventative zone in Follow Thru rebel when they feel boxed in by schedules or routines. They resist having to stay within the parameters of policies and procedures, and instead create their own alternatives. Sometimes their resistance to filling in the form can lead to open-ended comments that improve productivity.