Implementor - the instinctive way we handle space and tangibles.

Operating Zone   Implementor Actions
Initiating  Constructing, transporting,   manipulating,and protecting tangible goods
Responding  By using machinery or implementsfor ei­ther tangible or intangible effort
Preventing Need for tangible evidence or physical proof


Those who initiate solutions by using tools and implements are the hands-on Implementors. While others discuss the video they just saw, these folks are probably tinkering with the VCR. Their need for physical movement and space keeps them from staying in one place for very long. They tend to build solutions rather than talk about them.

People who respond through the Implementor mode are able to deal with both tangible and intangible solutions. If others need to put together a concrete demonstration they’ll help build it, but they don’t need to see the prototype in its final form in order to make a decision.

Prevention of Implementor action indicates an ability to create from abstract concepts such as words and numbers without having to use three-dimensional forms and models.