Quick Start

Quick Start - the instinctive way we deal with risk and uncertainty.


Operating Zone Quick Start Actions
Initiating   Change, deadlines, uniqueness
Responding  By mediating between the vision and the given
Preventing  Chaos, a crisis atmosphere


People who initiate Quick Start projects create the chaos that others have to clean up. But in the process these change makers add vision and risk to the mix. Always negotiable, they defy the odds and intuit pos­sibilities that would otherwise go untried. Because they instigate the unusual, people who operate in the initiating zone of Quick Start are natural promoters and entrepreneurs.

Accommodating change is no problem for people who respond in Quick Start. For instance, they’ll go along if you change your mind at the last minute and want to see a different movie.

Don’t expect the same of those who operate in the preventative zone of Quick Start. They keep changes from getting out of hand, trying instead to reach agreement on what will stay the same. What some consider enhancements, they sense could cause a potential crisis. Their resistance to risk can save the day.