Kolbe in the news

Over the years the Kolbe System™ has been written about , discussed and debated. It has been proven by the test of time.  

Here are links to some past articles and what others have said: 


Instincts at Work

Why would yu put a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

Improve Productivity Through Elimination of Conative Conflict

Kolbe Corp EVP Frank Reid analyzes how conation can help with team building within the hotel industry. 

Personality Assessments Give Advisors and Added Boost

Investor's Business Daily explores how financial advisors are using assessment tools with new and existing clients to evaluate attitudes about risk, happiness, and money.


Measuring Instinct

Leigh Glenn explores how Kolbe solutions help financial advisors play up their strengths.


Business side: Measuring instincts

Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultant Michael Bossy explains how the Kolbe system can be applied in the agriculture industry.


Kathy Kolbe Receives 2013 Athena Business Woman of the Year Award.

Kathy Kolbe received the prestigious Athena Business Woman of the Year Award in Phoenix, Az in recognition of her leadership in the discovery of human instincts and her mentoring of several hundred men and women. 

The Athena Award is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and is part of a national program for recognition of achievements by women in business and philanthropy.

Kathy Kolbe Receives the 2011 Robert E. Fox Lifetime Achievement Award for Continuous Process Achievement 

This prestigious award honored Kathy Kolbe for 30 years of brain research that maximizes mental energy - boosting business productivity and reducing personal stress.

Past recipients of this award include Stephen R. Covey, Ph.D., and Peter Senge, Ph.D., the author of "The Fifth Discipline," one of the most significant business books of the last century.

Testing for Talent: An HR Case Study

How the Barnum Financial Group used the Kolbe assessments and reports to guide coaching, communications and teamwork. 


Third Faculty of the Brain Discovered:

Evidence of a third faculty of the brain, the conative faculty, was announced at a conference for business, education, and government leaders from nine countries and 35 states, hosted by Kolbe Corp. in SHRM 

Kathy Kolbe interviewed for Only A Game - Aired on National Public Radioon 4/24/2010. Commentary on the 2010 NFL Draft. KJZZ's Steve Goldstein (Phoenix, Arizona), interviewed Kathy about the Wonderlic Test her father created and the use of it in the NFL.

Kolbe A™ Index featured in The Wall Street Journal - WSJ Cranky Consumer contributor, Jane Hodges, addresses the question "Can Skill-Assessment Tests Identify Your Dream Job?" Published on 4/22/2010.


Kathy Kolbe speaks with Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate, doing the work you are wired for - Aired on 2/9/2010. 

Kolbe Wisdom™ featured in O, The Oprah Magazine - O magazine columnist, Dr. Martha Beck, discusses how to use the Kolbe Wisdom system in the January 2010 edition.



Keeping Employees in Sync When Opening a Small Branch - How Tulsa, OK insurance firm CFR uses Kolbe analysis to assemble and manage a four-person team to successfully open a branch office. A case study from The Rough Notes. 

The Performance Conundrum: Getting the Right People On the Bus through Performance Forecasting - Kolbe Certified™ Consultant Mari Martin explains how to use Kolbe to "get the right people on the bus" in this article for Public Management, the monthly magazine for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). 

Know Your Score - Advisor Today examines how financial advisors are using Kolbe to improve practice management. 

An Unusual Tool in Hiring the Right Person - Read how one insurance executive uses Kolbe for finding the right person for the 'long haul.'

The Productivity vs. Creativity Battle - In this article from Boutique DESIGN magazine, Kathy Kolbe discusses how creative people can achieve peak productivity and avoid burnout by trusting their instincts. 

This test helps you find the freedom to be you - An article featured in the Arizona Business Gazette 

Harvesting Financial Smarts - Read how the owner of Victoria Printz Team REALTORS® uses Kolbe for recruiting and performance improvement.

How to be Wildly Successful - A column about Kolbe Wisdom™ by Dr. Martha Beck in O, The Oprah Magazine. 

Part I: Testing, Testing - In this two-part feature in Investment Advisor magazine, May 2005, the Kolbe A™ Index is identified as one of the key assessments financial services firms should consider when recruiting and placing employees. Also read Part II: Going to the Source. 

Kolbe returns to Medill - Alumnus Kathy Kolbe tells IMC students her "System" helps people trust their instincts. 

Parenting by Instinct - Peer groups, popular entertainment and, increasingly, video games and the Internet, all entice youngsters relentlessly–and compete with parental efforts. Dr. Edward Hoffman, Ph.D. and Kathy Kolbe discuss parenting, one of life's greatest satisfactions as well as its most intense challenge. 

Derek's Story - A mother's view of the Kolbe Index 

Impulsive? Distracted? Quick Start? Experts say you suffer from ADD - Discover what Kathy Kolbe says may really be the cause of "ADD". 

How to Get More Done - Kathy Kolbe writes about learning to use your instinctive strengths to operate more efficiently by having the "freedom to be yourself." 

Do You Have the Gumption to Succeed? - This article by Kathy Kolbe discusses the benefits of "trusting your guts." 

Relationships Built on Instinct - Dr. Edward Hoffman, Ph.D. discusses the way instincts influence your relationships. 

Succession Planning - A white paper by Kathy Kolbe on how to implement strengths-based approaches to succession planning.