Kolbe Corp is dedicated to helping people understand their own and each other’s instinctive strengths and use that understanding to improve their lives in the ways they care about most. To further that mission we reach more people by partnering with other companies—Like you!

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The Kolbe.com Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions on Kolbe products and services you recommend to customers and others who visit your website. You'll be able to enhance the look and feel of your site with Kolbe banners and links, and generate additional good will from visitors to your site by helping them discover the power of their instinctive talents. As a Kolbe.com affiliate partner, you will also:

  • Earn up to 8% commission on the sale of all products 
  • Receive Quarterly payments
  • Receive Dedicated Affiliate Support
As Easy as 1-2-3 and Free!
  1. Complete the online application
  2. Add kolbe.com links to your website
  3. Start Earning up to 8% in commissions!
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