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Now Hiring: Business Development Manager

Kolbe Corp is looking for a bright, motivated and goal-oriented person to fill this role.

Help your clients, exceed their goals and tackle new challenges daily.  Come use your business experience to help our clients grow their businesses by using our proprietary consulting and assessment solutions.

As an inbound sales closer, you will control your income and will have the ability to hit the ground running by plugging into our proven systems.

Business Development Manager – Now Hiring


Kolbe Corp is searching for somebody bright, hardworking and eager to learn.

Here’s the deal… we have amazing customers and your job will be to make it easier for them to use our products and, ultimately, live more productive lives.   

Specifically, you’ll join our stellar customer service/operations team to provide excellent customer service and support other departments internally.   

Customer Service - Now Hiring

Join the Kolbe Mission:

Our mission is to help people understand their own and each other’s instinctive strengths and use that understanding to improve their lives in the ways they care about most.


  • We work to help people better understand their strengths
  • We respect that people have different strengths and should have the right and opportunity to use theirs to the fullest
  • We strive to empower people to change their lives for the better


  • We are resourceful and take initiative
  • We operate with grit and tenacity when faced with challenges
  • We create value for the company and our clients


  • We act with commitment and accountability
  • We are engaged with each other, our clients and our goals
  • We acknowledge and appreciate that its takes an interconnected network of clients and coworkers to be successful


  • We invest in innovation
  • We are committed to updating and improving our products and services, always striving for excellence
  • We help our employees and our clients grow in their personal and professional lives

To apply for an open position, send résumé to with "Posting:" and the posted position in the subject line (e.g. "Posting: Executive Asst"). If you do not see any current job postings that fit your expertise, perhaps there are other ways we can work together — Contact us at

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