Job Fit

Great job fit means achieving two goals — creating jobs that serve the needs of the organization and getting people into roles that fit their instinctive strengths. Kolbe does both.


Too often, HR assessments look only at a person’s traits. They have no way to identify the demands of a job and how well a person will fit into it.  Our system analyzes individual strengths and job responsibilities then provides actionable solutions for job design.  We also have a cadre of expert consultants to guide you toward better outcomes.

“My favorite thing about the Kolbe Concept® is the ability to help people strive to be their true self — it is so powerful — and also, the data to predict success in roles and organizations.”

Cheryl Kerrigan (7-3-8-2), HR Director, Oracle Eloqua

Role Alignment Guide™

A powerful tool to get the right people in the right seats is the Role Alignment Guide. It considers both individual strengths and a 360o review of job requirements to develop strategies that will maximize potential and increase productivity.

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