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Kolbe “Changed My Life and My Business.”

— Michael Roby

  • "The Kolbe A has affected my life in a humongous way. It facilitated a career change. I have Kolbe As on friends. I have Kolbe As on Family. I’m doing what I’m doing today because of Kolbe Corp, because of Kathy Kolbe, because of Kolbe Wisdom, because of the Kolbe A."

    Jason Cupp 7292
    Jason Cupp (7-2-9-2), Growth Consultant, Kincaide, LTD
  • Kolbe “absolutely transformed the way the staff worked together…It works to make us a better team, and it enables us to work better together.”

    Liz Wilson (5-4-7-5), Special Services Director, The Salvation Army
“The day I got my Kolbe results was one of the most liberating days of my life. My productivity shot through the roof!”
Dan Sullivan, CEO, Strategic Coach
“I found great validation in who I am instinctively when I reviewed my Kolbe results. It immediately showed me why I was labeled a misfit…in school. If I had taken the Kolbe Index at a young age, I might have been able to avoid, or at least better understand, many problems I encountered in school.”
Robert Kiyosaki, Author "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

Our Clients

“Everything is measurable and repeatable, and it just works.”
Brian Alexander, Founder, Expressing the Genius Within
Kolbe is “the blueprint to people and how they operate.”
Amy Riccardi, CEO, Leadership Evolutions Group, LLC
“For me, Kolbe was incredibly liberating. Prior to Kolbe I thought something was wrong with me!”
Dana Anspach, Founder, Sensible Money

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