Kolbe C™ Index

The Kolbe C Index measures the functional expectations of a specific position. Comparing Kolbe A™ and Kolbe C results helps supervisors and jobholders see how the jobholder’s strengths line up with the demands of the job and identifies areas of conative stress. It is also a part of our Hiring Process.

Defining job requirements

The different tasks required by different roles require different conative strengths. The Kolbe C Index results identify how the supervisor, or another evaluator, believes the job needs to be done for the jobholder to be successful in that position.

Here’s why you should use the Kolbe c Index...

“Within three years of using the Kolbe C and RightFit™, we reduced turnover by 40% and our retention rate is at 6.2 years and climbing!”

— Paul Silitsky, CEO, AnswerQuest

Kolbe C results will change as job requirements and tasks change. Consider using the Kolbe C again whenever supervisors or requirements change, and then periodically as part of a regular review process.

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